ASTERRA Locates Leak Number 75,000 – A Milestone Worth Celebrating

January 23, 2023
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When water pipeline leak detection crews across the globe finished their morning coffees, tugged on work boots, pulled on reflector vests, and set off with cones and shovels, they had no idea they were about to make history. But ASTERRA knew – today was going to be groundbreaking.

Locating 75,000 water leaks is a milestone worthy of celebration.

ASTERRA is data-driven, and continuously tracks progress on their Recover services for customers. With ASTERRA Recover, water leaks are found at a rate of 3.5 per day per crew, as opposed to the 1.3 leaks found per day using traditional acoustic methods. Users experience an increase in efficiency of approximately three times over the typical water leaks found per day.

As ASTERRA expands their base of users, the worldwide rate of finding water leaks is increasing exponentially. ASTERRA users are successfully adapting their monitoring and remediation strategy for water leaks, expanding their programs with more efficiency, and working smarter, not harder. They are creating sustainable programs and safer communities.

It took almost four years for ASTERRA to find their first 25,000 leaks. Then, seeing exponential growth, it took a little over one additional year to find the next 25,000 leaks. Now, in its sixth year, it took ASTERRA only about six months to locate the next 25,000 leaks. Looking ahead, we can project future outcomes for leaks detected. At this rate, ASTERRA predicts that 100,000 leaks will be found using Recover before year’s end. We expect the rate to increase exponentially as our solutions are used in more markets.

Every leak found is a celebration because when leaks are discovered, potable water is saved. On the day ASTERRA located its 75,000th leak, work was ongoing at locations across the globe.
Leak number 75,000 was found in the Village of Schaumburg, Illinois, in the United States.

We celebrate the Village of Schaumburg because their team worked with ASTERRA to locate the 75,000th leak, saving water and energy, reducing the impact of climate change, and working in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We are already looking forward to finding leak number 100,000!

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