USA Partner Program

Technological partnerships that advance customer interests

Developing Partnerships of Innovation

The USA Partner Program is a symbiotic relationship between ASTERRA and our partner in which both companies promote and help grow business as a team. Each partner is a market leader, seamlessly integrating technological innovation into customer workflows and providing a clear advantage. Our partners understand the value of ASTERRA’s disruptive products and are able to make recommendations, although not necessarily resell them. ASTERRA supports our partners with a training program developed by our experts, which provides unique access to technical documentation, product training, and dedicated support. The USA Partner Program is available in the United States and Canada.


The Partner will be trained in the technology, functionality, and solutions.

The Partner will be allowed to promote and use the ASTERRA logo in presentations and marketing materials.

ASTERRA will promote and use the Partner’s logo in presentations and marketing materials whenever relevant.

ASTERRA will promote the Partner’s solutions and services in partnership with ASTERRA solutions whenever relevant.

ASTERRA USA Partner Programs Members

Please contact us to learn more about ASTERRA products and services.

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