An Entire City at Once

Underground infrastructure analysis, scaled to our largest cities

With satellite-based technology able to locate and monitor underground moisture over large areas at once, ASTERRA is becoming humanity’s eyes, guiding it through Earth’s changes by applying advanced analytic capabilities to synthetic aperture radar

Patented Synthetic Aperture Radar Technology for Pipeline Assessment, Leak Detection & Infrastructure Assessment

ASTERRA’s unique services provide hard intelligence and analysis to managers and engineers to support monitoring large and massive-scale infrastructure.

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What Distinguishes ASTERRA

Only ASTERRA shows you the moisture itself

Rather than rely on predictive or theoretical analysis, we use our patented algorithms and ground-penetrating synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology to actually see the moisture accumulating beneath and around infrastructure.

Patented algorithms process and analyze data

ASTERRA algorithms are fine-tuned to analyze the moisture’s characteristics. It will distinguish treated drinking water and wastewater.

No capital spending needed

ASTERRA works without the cost of sensors or grounds crews digging holes.

Data integrates easily

ASTERRA’s data service makes it easy to view the data, as well as the ability to use it in all standard GIS- (geographic information system) based platforms, including our official partners, Esri and Innovyze.

Expansive geographic reach

ASTERRA can monitor underground systems over a large area.  There are no limits.


ASTERRA has refined its synthetic aperture radar technology and patented algorithms to provide solutions across a number of industries and applications. Clients use ASTERRA solutions to preserve resources, protect the environment, and maintain infrastructure.

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Nearly 9 billion gallons of drinking water are lost every day to leaks. ASTERRA’s recover has verified tens of thousands of leaks, reducing that loss by 34,000 million gallons annually and growing. ASTERRA MasterPlan is reducing current and future water loss by assessing the pipes’ condition.


As wastewater pipes age and decay, they seep pollutants and toxins into the underground environment unseen. By using Recover to locate and repair leaks and MasterPlan to assess the system, ASTERRA preserves the environment while deterring fines and consent decrees.


Underground moisture can undermine roadways, paved surfaces, and infrastructure in general. With this monitoring service providing soil moisture, ASTERRA EarthWorks allows pipe repairs to be made before more significant damage occurs.

“If your staff is close-minded, it’s not going to be successful. You have to have a staff willing to be innovative and accept this as a new tool in your toolbox.”

Blake Weindorf

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