Ground Infrastructure Assessment

Assess underground moisture conditions for multiple applications

Solution Overview

ASTERRA EarthWorks monitors ground infrastructure and surrounding rights-of-way for underground soil moisture. Data is gathered via an orbiting satellite and a highly sensitive radar band that reflects off underground moisture. That is processed with ASTERRA-patented algorithms and presented over time as a series of contours of soil moisture under and around critical infrastructure: earthen dams and levees, roadways, railbeds, mines, and large commercial properties.

Underground soil moisture indicates areas of concern and potential failure so that immediate and long-term problems can be found and addressed before additional damage and safety issues occur. They can be monitored continually for further evaluation.

An EarthWorks subscription gives ground engineers a capability they have never had before: the ability to assess underground soil moisture conditions across vast geographic areas from space, up to 10′ (3 m) below the surface. It pierces asphalt, concrete, treetops, and all light and weather conditions. Frequent monitoring detects changes and trends over time.

How EarthWorks Works


Satellite data and images are acquired


Data is analyzed by our patented algorithm


Soil moisture as a monitoring service is provided, identifying areas of potential concern



Mine operators use EarthWorks to see where water is seeping from waste dams and production pipelines, collecting under roads and heavy equipment sites, and weakening hillsides. The largest operations, including tailings (waste) dams can be continually monitored to improve design and safety, anticipate slope failures, and document compliance.

Dam & Levee

Operators of earthen dams and levees use the soil moisture maps created by EarthWorks to target areas of excess moisture and potential failure. Operators can continually monitor systems to proactively identify problems for mitigation, as well as modernize safety and maintenance procedures and meet compliance requirements.


Rail system engineers, operators, and rail service providers use EarthWorks to locate and evaluate underground soil moisture beneath the railbed and within the rail system rights-of-way. Potential rail failure locations are mapped out over large areas at satellite-viewing scale, so engineers can mitigate problems before they occur.


EarthWorks gives transportation managers an overview of moisture concentrated under paved roadways, the surrounding rights of way, and adjacent hillsides above and below. The service is used to conduct predictive and corrective maintenance, evaluate and improve drainage systems, anticipate sinkholes and other failures, and reduce maintenance costs.


Owners and managers of large property installations use EarthWorks to locate and assess underground moisture beneath parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, and other paved surfaces. Likely failure locations are mapped out so owners can mitigate problems prior to more extensive damage.

Underground Moisture Visualized

EarthWorks users will be able to view the colors and contours representing percentages of soil moisture through an online portal as part of their subscription. Optionally downloadable as sets of GIS (Geographic Information System) files, they can be imported into all major GIS platforms.

EarthWorks: Underground Intelligence Differentiators

The ability to detect and monitor underground soil moisture — instantly and over vast areas — empowers system operators, maintenance and safety managers, and ground engineers with data they have always needed and probably wished for. And with ASTERRA EarthWorks, they now have. With unprecedented infrastructure intelligence, they can now approach essential maintenance and safety decisions with knowledge, efficiency, and confidence.

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