ASTERRA Solutions

Soil moisture sensing for infrastructure assessment

Only ASTERRA solutions can deliver the wide-area data and visualizations that let you see and assess underground conditions across entire potable or wastewater systems or the most expansive worksites. With ASTERRA, you can monitor every problem at once, evaluate its severity, and set your priorities using complete and solid infrastructure intelligence.


Pipeline Monitoring and Deficiency Assessment

ASTERRA MasterPlan vastly improves operational efficiency by providing policymakers and engineers with deployable pipe deficiency information. This service reveals the condition of underground water infrastructure, with pipes scored on a 1 – 5 scale, from a low level of deficiency observed to high levels of deficiency. Long-term maintenance and pipe replacement plans can then be developed using hard, proven data.

a collage: a construction site moving gravel, a bridge road over a river, a tightly packed city and a west coast suburban neighborhood


Leak Detection and Analysis

Worldwide, ASTERRA Recover has saved billions of gallons of drinkable water by letting infrastructure maintenance services and managers efficiently monitor and locate leaks to target for repair.

a collage: water springs, a city at night, a delta intersect near a forest and a city park


Ground Infrastructure Assessment

Across even the largest properties, ASTERRA EarthWorks gives owners, ground engineers, and maintenance managers accurate assessments of underground moisture. This allows potential failure locations on roadways, under parking lots, and around large-scale infrastructure such as rail, dams, levees, and mines to be monitored and managed before severe problems occur. EarthWorks penetrates to the ground and is undeterred by pavement, forests, or weather.

A collage of bird's eye view images: a construction site, a suburban neighborhood, a freeway, a rural highway, and a winding road

The Technology Behind the Solutions

Behind every ASTERRA solution is satellite-based synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology, detecting subterranean soil moisture with Utilis-patented algorithms. It’s this technology that lets us see and analyze the actual moisture itself as it accumulates below ground, a capability unique to ASTERRA.

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