What Does Climate Change Adaptation Mean to Me?

July 2, 2024
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I recently attended a climate adaptation workshop focused on Civil Infrastructure in the UK. One question really stood out: “What does Climate Change Adaptation mean to me and my organization?” It made me think about why we do what we do and how it directly impacts society. For ASTERRA, an Earth Observation Technology company, the answer is clear. Our work is all about using satellite technology to help adapt to climate change.


How Geospatial Solutions Impact Climate Change Adaptation
At ASTERRA, we use satellites to detect and map underground soil moisture. This is crucial for understanding and adapting to climate change. We help Water Utility companies find leaks, saving billions of gallons of water and reducing CO2 emissions by nearly a quarter of a million tons since 2017. Our technology also helps monitor and protect other important infrastructure like roads, railways, and dams.

Real-World Impact
Climate change is a reality we all face. We’ve seen extreme weather affect our infrastructure with landslips and dam failures. Our technology helps prevent these disasters by providing early warnings and allowing for better planning. By mapping soil moisture, we can update climate models and help protect national infrastructure.

The Challenge of Adoption
One big challenge is getting organizations to adopt Earth Observation and Geospatial solutions. While these tools provide valuable information, institutions can be cautious and slow to change. Despite this, it’s essential for us to keep pushing for the adoption of these technologies.

Working Together for a Sustainable Future
The key takeaway from the workshop was the importance of collaboration. Climate change is a challenge for everyone, and by working together and sharing knowledge, we can find effective solutions. Earth Observation is a powerful tool to help us adapt and protect our environment, ensuring a sustainable and green future.

To learn more about ASTERRA’s impact on preserving our planet and contributing to a more sustainable future, please visit our resources page or reach out to our team for even more.

Please contact us to learn more about ASTERRA’s solutions.

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