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We have generated considerable discussion, commentary, articles, white papers and more that discuss the industries we serve, the science behind our innovative satellite-based leak detection technology and how we are making an impact on the world. Feel free to explore and reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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Webinars November 2, 2021

Satellite Leak Detection Changed the Game in Irving, TX.

The Irving, TX, Pilot Program Donna Starling, Programs Manager for Irving, Texas, recaps her city’s very successful ASTERRA (formerly Utilis)...

Webinars November 1, 2021

How ASTERRA Recover is Saving Henry County 10M+GPY

ASTERRA uses satellites to detect soil moisture underground. Using their patented algorithms and over five years of leak detection experience,...

Webinars November 1, 2021

Bringing ASTERRA Innovation to Small and Rural Water Agencies

This webinar was offered exclusively to rural water associations in order to facilitate an in-depth discussion and Q&A after the...

Webinars November 1, 2021

Hilton Head’s Secret $500,000-a-Year Leak Found by ASTERRA

Learn how ASTERRA can scan a water utility’s system and identify trouble spots using satellite remote sensing technology, featuring a...

Webinars November 1, 2021

Caso de Estudio Piloto en Buenos Aires

ASTERRA recibirá a Alejandra P. Bettig, Gerente de Rehabilitación del Servicio y Control del Agua No Contabilizada, para hablar del...

WEFTEC in Review
Blogs October 29, 2021

WEFTEC in Review

Water industry leaders from across the globe gathered in the United States city of Chicago, Illinois at the 94th WEFTEC....

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