ASTERRA Surpasses 1 Million MWH of Global Energy Savings

June 6, 2024
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Transforming the future of our planet is not something ASTERRA and its customers take lightly.  ASTERRA, together with our partners and customers, have collectively achieved over 1 million MWH of energy saved. To celebrate this unique milestone, we are sharing more about the intrinsic value that comes with reducing water loss and proactively addressing sustainable measures with technology that serves humankind.

We have four ASTERRA office locations around the world, and critical issues related to water and energy consumption are ever-present in the region surrounding each one. ASTERRA’s California headquarters is on the frontlines of water supply challenges, forest fires, and seasons with severe drought. These are just a few of the many reasons ASTERRA collaborates with companies who share the same sustainability goals and desire to protect water and conserve energy. Together, our efforts combine to powerfully transform the future of water.

At ACE 2024, the American Water Works Association’s annual conference, we will come together to discuss and plan for the serious issues that will transform the future of water. Just months after ASTERRA’s AWWA Innovation Award-winning solution located its 100,000th water leak, we are forging ahead with solutions and collaborations which are blowing ESG targets and sustainability goals out of the water.

Access to affordable and clean energy continues to be a critical and basic need across the globe. According to the UN’s 2023 reports, energy efficiency improvement must more than double its pace. ASTERRA has a direct impact on many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By achieving the milestone of surpassing 1,000,000 MWH of global energy savings, ASTERRA solutions drive forward SDG 7 along with SDG 6, 9, 11, and 13. Please take a moment to learn how ASTERRA can help you and your city take steps to achieving SDG and ESG targets.

The goal of SDG 7 aligns perfectly with ASTERRA’s mission in collaboration with our partners and customers: ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy. By empowering our partners and customers to manage water loss and achieve energy savings, ASTERRA enhances the longevity of critical infrastructure and maximizes return on investment. This, in turn, facilitates more effective planning, leading to additional cost savings and enduring value.

Our EO Discover platform has metrics that help our customers see direct and customizable savings. This is yet another way we are revolutionizing sustainability. ASTERRA technology adds a digital layer of new insights based on satellite data that sees beneath the surface. Our patented algorithms help convert data into actionable information, and we make it accessible and easy to read for our customers.

ASTERRA is determined to be pioneers in achieving sustainable development goals and positively impacting every corner of the Earth. ASTERRA EarthWorks is used to help monitor and maintain certain infrastructure assets, such as pipeline distribution systems, dams, canals, levees, railways, roads, and mines. It also helps extend the lifespan of the asset by detecting subterranean soil moisture, preventing deterioration, and mitigating risk of catastrophic failure.

We are constantly putting our customers’ feedback at the forefront of developing our solutions, and new features are created to enhance workflow and productivity. EO Discover provides something for all levels of the decision-making chain, including board executives, mid-level operations managers, the crews in the field, and the leak detection teams. By providing all stakeholders with seamless reporting and transparency, they can rest assured, ASTERRA will continue to support our customers, deliver valuable insights, and transform our planet for a more sustainable and brighter future.


Please contact us to learn more about ASTERRA’s solutions.

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