ASTERRA’s Impact on the World Is Just Starting to be Felt

When ASTERRA (formerly Utilis) first launched Recover in 2016, our biggest challenge wasn’t technology, it was skepticism.  We were a new idea with a bold promise, and innovation requires proof.

In our first year, Recover water leak detection was used to locate and verify 288 leaks, saving 73 million gallons of drinkable water and 174 MWH of energy.

By our second year, results had grown to 2,342 leaks and 600 million gallons. And by our fourth, 16,893 leaks had been verified.

As of 2022, 57,200+ leaks located and verified, saving 210,830 million gallons of drinkable water and 527,070 MWH of energy.

Over 650 services have now been provided in 64 countries. Carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 134,930 metric tons.

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Sustainable Development

As part of our Mission to deliver actionable infrastructure intelligence to become humanity’s eyes, ASTERRA is helping customers in the potable and wastewater industries meet their Sustainable Development Goals.

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ASTERRA’s Environment Impact

As ASTERRA reduces the amount of water that utilities lose, we are also reducing the amount of power wasted pumping it and the resulting pollution.

ASTERRA’s ability to locate underground leaks and assess pipeline conditions on wastewater systems is helping keep pathogens, toxins, and other pollutants out of the environment, including freshwater aquifers.

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