ASTERRA Forges New Trails and Expands to New Regions in 2024

March 26, 2024
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We are three months into 2024, and the exponential growth ASTERRA experienced in 2023 continues. As the pioneer of sustainable, actionable infrastructure intelligence, ASTERRA solutions are now used in more regions, and there is a staggering growth in world-wide water savings. Throughout 2024, ASTERRA solutions continue to be adopted, and subscriptions renewed because it is now the best practice for sustainable water, infrastructure, and Earth observation programs.

ASTERRA solutions are now used for roadways, water reservoirs, dams, and levees (in addition to water and wastewater systems), and the positive impact on water distribution systems is breaking records. In 2023, we celebrated finding 100,000 leaks – this means we were literally saving energy and preventing greenhouse gasses in exponential metrics!

Sales growth continues the same upward trajectory as water and energy savings, with new contracts and the wide-spread adoption of the EO Discover platform. EO Discover enables utility leaders to achieve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals with strong return on investment even over the efficiencies the solutions already provide.

The rapid market expansion of the EarthWorks infrastructure monitoring solution means the positive global impact is skyrocketing. EarthWorks applies to rail, roads, mining, dams, and levees. The benefits are compelling: mitigating risk of infrastructure failure, preventing injury to people, avoiding negative results from environmental disasters, and reducing the waste of money and natural resources. 2024 is bringing greater market expansion for the monitoring of dams, levees, and water reservoirs.

In Texas, USA, the Gulf Coast Water Authority selected EarthWorks to monitor critical levee infrastructure along the Texas gulf coast. There are approximately 100 miles of canal systems and other critical distribution systems in this region, and their citizens can feel a sense of security in the water authority’s choice for a pro-active solution for levee system maintenance.

Across the globe, mining companies are employing ASTERRA solutions. In Peru, ASTERRA was named the recipient of the Successful Innovations Award at Perumin 36 Convencion Minera.

In the United Kingdom, ASTERRA and National Highways were shortlisted for the 2023 Ground Engineering Awards for their use of EarthWorks. When EarthWorks is employed for ground engineering purposes, it uses L-Band Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolSAR) to determine the concentration of below ground soil moisture. This is known to indicate future infrastructure or drainage problems and was employed successfully in the UK to avoid major traffic congestion and unnecessary environmental destruction.

The people of central and South America have fewer supply issues as more countries adopt ASTERRA Recover. New contracts for ASTERRA were announced in Argentina, Colombia, and in many regions in Brazil. Satellite leak detection is saving over $240M in five LATAM countries and is leading to additional long-term contracts.

In Japan’s Oita prefecture, all 18 utilities are relying on ASTERRA for their infrastructure intelligence, which includes monitoring 9,016 km of main pipes.

ASTERRA is also hosting community collaborations to solve the real problems of climate, infrastructure, and water. This blog will share more information – let’s dive in! In late 2023, we gathered multiple infrastructure companies and members of the media for the Ohio Water and Infrastructure Summit. This summit, held in Ohio, USA near the site of the new Intel semiconductor manufacturing plant, focused on using smart, sustainable solutions for water and infrastructure during times of development. We will continue hosting summits in new regions, with the next one in Texas in April.

Our expansion allows us endless opportunities for collaboration as we build a safer world, protect the climate from change, reduce greenhouse gases, and create more resilience. Follow us on LinkedIn for more ASTERRA news.


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