Leak Detection and Analysis

Efficiently leverage leak detection across potable and wastewater systems

Product Overview

ASTERRA Recover locates and analyzes moisture leaking from underground pipes so that repairs can be planned and expedited using hard data. With Recover, entire city-wide systems for drinking water and wastewater can be viewed and analyzed at once. Even leaks that are non-surfacing or have left no surface evidence at all are easily located. Ground crews can then be used with maximum efficiency, digging to repair the leaks that Recover has found rather than digging to look.

Recover represents the most significant advance in underground water leak detection in 80 years and won the inaugural AWWA Innovation Award in 2021. Using algorithms that have been fine-tuned with the power of AI and machine learning to recognize the signatures of water leaking from different systems, Recover locates points of interest, which are provided as GIS (geographic information system) data files; these files are overlaid with the pipe layer from the system owner to create a “highlighted pipe” image. Compared to current leak detection services and methods, Recover satellite-based leak detection technology not only identifies more leaks per day, it increases field crew efficiency up to 400%!

How Recover Works


Satellite images are acquired


Radiometric corrections are made


Recover’s algorithm analyzes the data


Data is delivered via web-based app and intuitive user interface

The Recover Differentiators

Since its first commercial use, Recover has been a “game-changer.” With Recover’s ground leak detection, an entire system can be fully surveyed as often as every two weeks. No capital spending is needed, and ground crews can be used far more efficiently, repairing instead of searching for leaks. The satellite that collects the data has a 1,350 sq mile coverage area (3,500 sq km) and can quickly analyze the most expansive systems. Since 2016, 36,000+ leaks have been verified, and Recover is now saving the world over 9,200 million gallons of drinkable water and 21,800 MWH of energy annually, figures that grow every year.


Potable Water

Recover offers the water industry the lowest cost per leak found on the market, averaging 3.5 leaks found per crew day vs. 1.3 using traditional acoustic methods. In an industry that loses 17 billion gallons of water a year worldwide, Recover can significantly impact a company’s NRW. In addition to reducing water loss, Recover reduces wasted energy costs and related pollution, including carbon release.


Recover helps the wastewater industry protect itself from the problems that can arise when underground leaks go unseen and uncorrected. These include the risk of significant fines, consent decrees, and other legal consequences. Recover can also help avoid damage to their reputation from the introduction of wastewater into underground environments if it had been preventable through early discovery and repair.

What's Included

Leak “Points of Interest” delivered via the customer web portal

Geographic Information System (GIS) data file compatible with customer’s GIS platform of choice

Clients may opt for ASTERRA’s customized U-View and U-Collect GIS viewing platforms

Clients may also opt for alternate delivery methods

Synopsis of Findings

Recover is available as a stand-alone service or an add-on to ASTERRA MasterPlan pipe monitoring and deficiency assessment product. Recover provides customers with leak detection synopsis of findings for drinking and wastewater systems in a fast, affordable, efficient manner. We help customers improve operational efficiency and optimize budgets with infrastructure intelligence that facilitates proactive pipe repair and planning.

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