Utilis Releases Hydro-Scan™

June 17, 2020
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Utilis is launching their second satellite-based soil moisture application which will be sold in the United States exclusively through Chicago, Illinois-based SITE. The product, Hydro-Scan™ powered by Utilis, provides soil moisture data derived from satellites and visualized in SITE’s proprietary platform. Using the same base technology patented by Utilis for subsurface potable leak detection and used in over 250 utility networks worldwide, the technology identifies areas with underlying moisture issues to facilitate premature pavement failure diagnosis and remediation.

“As Utilis makes the foray into property assessment activities, we could not have found a more honest and visionary company than SITE with whom to partner. We look forward to what lies ahead for the partnership,” said Elly Perets, CEO of Utilis.

Utilis Releases Hydro-Scan™ to Provide Satellite-Based Soil Moisture Data to SITE’s Proprietary Platform

SITE, currently provides site assessments to thousands of commercial customers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, including some of the largest household brands in the USA and Fortune 500 companies. Partnering with Utilis, the world leader in satellite-based infrastructure assessment, this innovative technology uses L-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data taken from a satellite. The technical capabilities of L-band SAR allow it to penetrate and measure soil moisture down to 10 feet below ground.

“We’re thrilled to be launching Hydro-Scan™. Not only does it allow us to provide the most comprehensive property assessments in the world for our clients, but it also gives us a unique competitive advantage over all our competitors,” stated Austin Rabine, CEO of SITE

Utilis and SITE are excited to begin delivering this service to customers this month.

About SITE

SITE provides analytics and data insights to property managers, owners, and stakeholders so they can quickly understand the state of their properties through a reliable analysis of their full portfolio. Using drones, cameras, and satellite-acquired imagery, SITE’s innovative data capture methods allow them to perform property assessments more than five times faster than traditional methods at a much more competitive cost. It allows customers to access simple, transparent reports housed in a single, cloud-based platform that is scalable for one to thousands of properties. Headquartered in Chicago with customers across the globe, SITE incubated within Rabine, a leading company in exterior facilities management. For more information about SITE, visit

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