Utilis Partners With SITE’s Total Property Assessment Platform

February 19, 2020
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Utilis has signed a contract with Chicago, Illinois-based SITE to provide soil moisture data derived from satellites to SITE’s Total Property Assessment platform. Using the same patented technology that is provided by Utilis for subsurface potable leak detection to over 200 utility customers worldwide, SITE will offer satellite-based moisture detection to customers as part of their Total Property Assessment platform. SITE, a member of the Rabine Group, currently provides site assessments to thousands of commercial customers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, including some of the largest household brands in the US and Fortune 500 companies.

“SITE’s drive to innovate has brought us to this partnership, in which we will soon be able to overlay UTILIS’ technology to identify groundwater and water leaks below the pavement. We are excited to move forward and begin the introductions and pilot programs with America’s best real estate and facilities leaders,” explained Gary Rabine, Chairman of SITE.

Based on the same proven technology that detects background water loss through the analysis of microwave satellite imagery, Utilis is currently developing a new specialized product delivery for the multiple types of water that can infiltrate parking lots of commercial properties. This product will provide SITE with a saturation map that they will include along with other data streams currently offered.

“Utilis continues to expand its suite of applications based on our ability to analyze satellite-based subsurface moisture, which will be a true game changer in the property assessment industry,” proclaimed Elly Perets, CEO of Utilis.

Utilis and SITE are excited to begin delivering this service to customers starting Spring of 2020.

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