Japan Water Works Association Acknowledges Special Innovation

December 16, 2021
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Japan Water Works Association Acknowledges Japan’s Use of ASTERRA’s Recover

Tel Aviv, Israel, December 15, 2021 – The Japan Water Works Association recently announced Toyota City Water and Sewerage Bureau received the Reiwa 3rd Year Water Supply Innovation Award (Special Award). The award was announced on August 16, 3rd year of Reiwa for Toyota City’s efforts to introduce the ASTERRA Recover satellite-based pipe leak detection product and efforts to improve prediction accuracy of water leaks. The award was acknowledged November 29 at the Japan Water Works National Conference.

The Water Services Innovation Award was established by the Japan Water Works Association in 2014 and includes a grand prize and a special prize. The purpose is to commend regular members who are working on overcoming many issues facing the water services industry with various ingenuity, introduce examples of efforts, and praise the achievements of the water services industry in Japan. It’s about boosting the motivation to embark on new initiatives.

Special awards are for initiatives like the grand prize, such as initiatives specialized in specific fields and initiatives unique to small and medium-sized enterprises.  This is the second major honor bestowed upon ASTERRA’s Recover product, the first being the American Water Works Association Innovation Award announced earlier this year; more information may be found here.

ASTERRA is proud to provide Toyota City, Japan with the product which uses data from JAXA’s ALOS-2 satellite to locate water leaks, maintain infrastructure, and protect the potable water supply,” said Elly Perret’s, CEO of ASTERRA. “Our products have verified over 46,000 water leaks world-wide and are in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

ASTERRA’s product line of ALOS-2 derived infrastructure analysis tools include MasterPlan which looks at the entire water delivery system and rates deficiencies from 1-5, or from low to high and Recover which provides information on specific subsurface points of interest to inspect for leaks.

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