Utilis Signs Contracts With Water Agencies in Italy and Croatia

November 19, 2019
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At the Watec Israel 2019 conference in Tel Aviv today, Utilis has announced that they have been awarded two large contracts from water agencies in Italy and Croatia. These contracts represent the growth that Utilis has seen since the release of their leak survey product in 2016.

Water Agencies in Italy and Croatia Sign Contracts With Utilis

“Utilis is pleased to have won these new, multi-year contracts. Our product has been tested in the field by utilities across the globe, and the efficacy of our product has been proven,” noted Elly Perets, CEO of Utilis. “We are excited to begin these projects and continue to spread the technology.”

Utilis, in collaboration with their partner in Italy, 2F Water Venture, was awarded by Piave Servizi SpA the first leak detection contract using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) analytics from an instrument fixed to an aircraft. The fixed wing aircraft and the airborne SAR are provided by Metasensing, a Utilis partner who provided data for the first successful airborne SAR analytics leak detection pilot studies in Italy. This three-year service contract comes after Utilis successfully provided a solution using the traditional satellite leak detection solution. Piave Servizi SpA has signed on for six airborne scans over three years, covering the full network length of 3,258 km.

“With the use of SAR technology applied to the aircraft, 2F Water Venture intends to introduce an element of discontinuity in terms of efficiency and effectiveness as much compared to the SAR technology applied to the satellite and to systematic leak detection,” says Franco Masenello, 2F Water Venture Founder and Manager.

The other contract being announced by Utilis is to the water utility of Zagreb, Croatia, in partnership with their Balkan region reseller, Kolektor Sisteh. This contract is for twelve months and will include four service scans of the entire distribution network (over 3,000 km). The capital of the country is in the process of heavily investing in their water distribution network and the service supplied by Utilis will boost the efficiency of the leak detection program and bring a reduction in real water loss as well as support the government with data for decision making in relation to future network investments.

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