Utilis Partners With VENG for Data Used to Protect Natural Resources

July 20, 2021
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Utilis recently announced its collaboration with VENG, the Argentinian company that brings products and data derived from Satellites for Observation and Communication (SAOCOM) to market. 

Utilis, the world leader in satellite-based water leak detection, uses technology in space to support resilience of natural resources on earth. A staggering 7200M gallons of water are saved every year through Utilis solutions. They accomplish this using satellite imagery, but Utilis could not do it alone. 

Utilis Partners With Argentinian Satellite Firm Veng for Data Used to Protect Natural Resources

VENG is the only provider designated by the Argentinian space agency, Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE), to market the data. 

The network of technology that works together allowing Utilis to detect water leaks and create other tools is fascinating even to the non-scientist. SAOCOM® is a constellation made of two quadruple polarization L-band SAR satellites which observe the Earth’s surface night and day, regardless of weather conditions. By working in L Band, the satellite can obtain information by penetrating the vegetation cover and soil, capturing moisture information. Other products it can generate include ship maps, soil moisture maps, and the forecast system for wheat spike fusarium. Utilis is growing its product line through its relationship with VENG. 

Today, Utilis is one of the largest commercial users of L-band SAR imagery in the world. They have a patented ability to detect any soil moisture below ground, bringing to market true satellite-based infrastructure intelligence. After purchasing the data, Utilis converts it into a variety of products, including their first product for leak detection. Utilis then sells the imagery to water agencies. 

“At VENG, our mission is to promote the adoption of SAOCOM world-wide. In pursuit of this mission, we market the satellite images and provide interferometry services in-house,” stated Adrian Unger, Head of VENG’s Satellite Information Based Solutions Office. “We create strategic alliances for the development of different applications based on satellite information.” 

“The SAOCOM Constellation, unique in the market, still has benefits that will be developed through artificial intelligence and data fusion techniques in the most diverse areas of science and industry. To promote this, we have a customer service office dedicated to facilitating access to data,” Unger further stated. 

Together, they protect the earth’s natural resources. 

San Diego, CA, June 25, 2021



Utilis provides data-driven solutions for water utilities, government agencies, and the greater infrastructure industry. They use synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data from satellites and turn it into large-scale decision support tools. The proprietary algorithms and highly educated staff of scientists and engineers are the key to the company’s mission, to advance planet Earth’s resource resilience through SAR analytics.  Successfully commercializing their first product, leak detection in 2016, Utilis projects have resulted in saving more than 7000 million gallons of potable water and 17,000 MWH of energy per year, in support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  Headquartered in Israel, with offices in the United States and United Kingdom, Utilis currently provides innovative data solutions in multiple verticals around the globe.  


VENG is a high-value-added technology and services company specializing in the space industry. They are currently providing SAOCOM satellite images to different companies around the world, both directly and through their partners with distribution agreements. VENG offers high availability SAOCOM satellite image services and are 100% focused on the needs of clients, accelerating the early adoption process for its incorporation into their business models. Learn more about VENG and the SAOCOM.

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