Utilis Delivers First Contracted Aircraft-Based SAR Leak Detection Project Over Italy

May 14, 2020
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Utilis and 2f Water Venture srl, an Utilis reseller in Italy, completed their first week of aircraft operations for a new three-year contract with Piave Servizi Water Utility to provide notification of underground drinking water pipes using a SAR sensor based on aircraft. The sensor, aircraft, and aircraft operations are being provided by the partner, MetaSensing.

“Against water loss, we cannot stop looking for new technologies, new approaches and all these approaches must be combined. The problem of water loss is a worldwide problem and is very far to be resolved. We think that this technology can have a great contribution to answer the regulations of the Authority and follow a sustainability policy,” stated Carlo Pesce, the Director of Piave Servizi.

The contract between 2f Water Venture srl and Piave Servizi is being undertaken to improve the resolution and pixel size of the SAR imagery over what Utilis regularly supplies via a satellite. The improvement in resolution is impressive, providing a pixel size of 2.5 meters. The Piave Servizi water network contains 3264km of pipe and the entire network will be covered twice a year for the three-year contract.

“This is 2f water venture’s first airborne project. We consider Utilis a great partner, helping us provide the Italian water market an important message: that we are always looking to improve upon what was provided before,” expressed Franco Masenello, CEO of 2f Water Venture srl.

Utilis has operated in Italy since 2017, but this is the first time they have used aircraft-based SAR. Currently this service is only available in Italy.

“I want to thank our partners MetaSensing, especially Adriano Meta, along with the team at 2f who has worked for over one year to plan this project and get it off the ground, quite literally. This is just the beginning for Utilis when it comes to aircraft SAR-based infrastructure assessment.” says Utilis CEO, Elly Perets.

About 2f Water Venture srl 2F

Water Venture is an investment and distribution company for innovative products for the integrated water service market. 2F Water Venture deals specifically with the search for leaks in aqueducts using satellite images, thanks to an exclusive contract, for the Italian market, with Utilis Ltd.

Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel, May 12, 2020

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