Utilis Awarded Contract in Flint, MI to Reduce Water Leakage

December 4, 2018
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Flint, MI has taken a step towards ensuring the stability of their water system by partnering with Utilis in the fall of 2018 to locate leaks in their potable systems. This along with other city initiatives such as FAST START, are helping Flint regain their reputation as water conservation and quality leaders.

“The city of Flint has taken great strides to re-mediate their potable water leakage,” said Alex Puryear, Utilis Sales Manager, North America. “Once we find and repair their leaks, we can conserve the precious treated water they have.”

Flint’s FAST START initiative was the first step in combating the water crisis by employing five regional companies to excavate private property plumbing. By removing the lead plumbing and combining their data with leak detection software, Flint is well on its way to restoring community faith after the crisis started in April 2014.

This past October, Utilis joined the fight, arriving in Flint and going to work inspecting the first batch of locations identified from radar satellite imagery using their patented processing algorithm. The leaks discovered were notated and tagged for repair, which is a follow-up process to be undertaken by the city. The remaining data points provided to Flint’s water utility will continue to be investigated over the course of the next few months.

About Utilis
Utilis is the only patented technology using satellite microwave technology to penetrate soil in the search for drinking water associated with leaking pipes. As the world’s only drinking water leak detection provider, their algorithm brings remote sensing technologies to the forefront of protecting the earth’s resources. Headquartered in Israel, with a United States subsidiary in San Diego, CA, Utilis currently provides innovative solutions for utilities around the globe. For more information on Utilis and to learn more about our technology visit or

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