Case Studies

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

August 13, 2018
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Leaks per crew day

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0.8 (0.49)

Leaks per kilometer (mile)

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Locations visited

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Number of leaks per POI


In September of 2018, Utilis delivered a service to the Yorkshire Water District in the United Kingdom. Yorkshire Water (YW) is one of the largest water utilities in the UK, serving 5.4 million customers, and has a mandate from Ofwat to reduce its real water losses, or leakage, by 40% by 2025. Yorkshire Water retained Utilis to provide satellite leak detection services in order to help meet this goal at the lowest cost and in the least amount of time. YW has executed three phases of work with Utilis to identify points of interest and direct boots-on-the-ground staff to the most likely leak locations. The goal is to efficiently and cost-effectively reduce water loss from the 33,000 Km YW system which serves 1.24 billion liters of water per day. Leak detection teams analyzed 164 KM (101.9 Miles) of network pipes and 264 points of interest (POIs) were checked in 30 days. Of the POIs analyzed, 89 were confirmed to have leaks which resulted in a total of 125 leaks found.

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