Key Hire and Strategic Promotions: ASTERRA’s Response to Growth

March 17, 2022
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ASTERRA’s New Hire and Strategic Promotions

Tel Aviv, Israel, March 17, 2022 – ASTERRA announced the recent addition of tech industry executive, Pazit Malchi Bodesky as vice president of marketing. ASTERRA also announced the strategic promotions of two senior leaders, Yuval Lorig and James Perry.

As global leaders in the use of satellite data for water and infrastructure solutions, ASTERRA continues to expand because they provide immediate and tangible benefits using geospatial data in support of challenges on earth.

In her new role, Bodesky will use her experience leading marketing in other global tech spaces to scale up growth for ASTERRA. Based out of ASTERRA’s Tel Aviv headquarters, Bodesky brings 15 years with firms including VMWare, Samsung, and SanDisk. Bodesky shared, “I look forward to closely interacting and cooperating with other industry leaders and partners to create an eco-system that works to make a difference in the world.”

Yuval Lorig was promoted to Vice President of Research and Development. He specializes in Geosciences, Earth Observation & Remote sensing applications (specifically in Synthetic Aperture Radar, SAR) and software product development. Based in Tel Aviv, Lorig will continue the innovative development of new SAR Earth observation and remote sensing technologies. “Our goals will be fulfilled with creative thinking by the R&D members for the development of our core technology and algorithms,” he said. “It will also be fulfilled by taking our extensive research and development in SAR AI, computer vision, and deep learning to the next level.”

In the North American office, James Perry was promoted to executive vice president, a role with global reach. Perry brought his extensive sales experience to ASTERRA nearly six years ago, spearheading growth with water-saving projects in sixty countries across the globe. Perry said, “Our greatest achievement was accomplished by the adoption of ASTERRA’s earth monitoring SAR capabilities and disruptive innovation into new markets. This effort saves significant lost water, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and preserves humanity’s precious resources—all this while driving jobs in the high-tech sector.”

“The job additions and promotions are an important part of why ASTERRA is achieving the success that it is,” stated ASTERRA chief executive officer, Elly Perets. “I am pleased with our leadership; they are truly working to solve the critical problems of the world. This team is driving strong growth, forming great partnerships, and achieving sustainability for clients, all of which are earning awards and recognition within our industry.”

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