International Water Association: Water Loss Conference

July 18, 2022
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Always working to further the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), ASTERRA recently exhibited at the International Water Association’s Water Loss 2022 bi-annual conference in Prague. The goal of the conference was to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies, techniques, and applications of international best practices in non-revenue water management.

What Is the International Water Association?

The International Water Association describes its network of water professionals as “… striving for a world in which water is wisely, sustainably and equitably managed.” It draws professionals from more than 140 countries and brings together scientists, researchers, technology companies, water and wastewater utilities, and wider stakeholders involved in water management.

The Water Loss Specialist Group is focused on all treated water that is lost, which is mostly from underground leaks on water mains and water service pipes; they are also focused on how to reduce those losses through leak detection and hydronic control.

The Water Loss Conference and Satellite-Based Leak Detection

Satellite-based leak detection was the hot topic among the almost 400 attendees of the International Water Association conference, all of whom are leaders in the water loss industry. The many successful uses of ASTERRA products to reduce non-revenue water loss were mentioned during the opening ceremony and during numerous presentations. This includes one by Jurica Kovac, a water expert from Croatia who has collaborated with ASTERRA on multiple projects. Among the other topics presented at the conference were non-revenue water assessment, management, and strategy, leak detection technologies, strategies, equipment, asset management, and capacity building.

On June 20, ASTERRA was a part of the conversation at three presentations on satellite-based leak detection. One was by Kovac, another was a case study on satellite leak detection work in Prague, and one mention by Cor Merks about a project in Vitens, the largest drinking water company in The Netherlands.

ASTERRA also welcomed partners from UAE (Water Vision Technology), Czech Republic (Radeton), Mexico (Hidromedidores), Belgium (Evodis), Slovenia (Kolektor), and the UK (Suez) at an evening event exploring best practices in using satellite leak detection technology.

Learn More About ASTERRA

ASTERRA is the only leak detection company that requires no capital spending while it uses Earth observation to be humanity’s eyes, showing the moisture itself over large areas of land, rather than relying on predictive or theoretical analysis for water leak detection. It is rapidly being the best practice solution for managing non-revenue water loss.

Please contact us to learn more about ASTERRA’s solutions.

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