EUSAR Conference and the Renaissance of L-Band SAR

August 9, 2022
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EUSAR Conference 2022

Taking a deep dive into ASTERRA’s sensor of choice, Vice President of Research and Development, Yuval Lorig attended EUSAR, the European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), July 25 – 27, 2022 in Leipzig, Germany. EUSAR is an international conference dedicated to SAR technology, techniques, and applications.

L-Band SAR

Led by Michael Loercher of Hensold Sensors, EUSAR gives ASTERRA and the greater SAR community a platform for focused scientific and professional exchange. The conference is viewed as the number one engineering and academic SAR conference. We all benefit from greater industry-wide understanding and more rapid advancement in related research and development.

“As our company focus is still with L-band, I was happy to learn about the advancement of new and future L-band Earth observation satellite missions, such as LuTan-1, NISAR, ALOS-4, ROSE-L, TANDEM-L, and more,” Yuval said. “This is the renaissance of L-band SAR and ASTERRA is here to fulfill our deep technological capabilities and business potential.”

The EUSAR conference was a dense couple of days of discussion and exchanging information on many SAR topics and the latest SAR developments. About 300 papers were presented and will soon be available as resources. The first full day included tutorial courses on topical areas such as polarimetry, interferometry, Pol-InSAR and bi-/multi-static SAR. “Presentations were on all SAR aspects, including hardware, processing, application, new missions, and more,” Yuval added.

In addition to the academic and creative opportunities, EUSAR is the ideal platform for discussions with industry, research, and public sector leaders who are inventing and providing ideas and suggestions for tomorrow’s innovative technology developments to protect our world. Among the respected colleagues with whom Yuval met was Adriano Meta, founder of MetaSensing Radar Solutions. Attendees were from universities, research institutes, space agencies, and space tech companies, including hardware, software, legacy space, and new space.

One of the unexpected pleasures of this conference was its location, in the beautiful city of Leipzig at the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo. Built in 1900, the KONGRESSHALLE recently underwent an extensive and elaborate renovation and is next to the zoological garden. The historic building, with its exciting architecture, was constructed in the Gründerzeit era.

“EUSAR was a great and very mind-opening conference from an R&D point of view. I came back with many ideas to trial and implement, and I gained awareness in the scientific community,” concluded Yuval.

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