ASTERRA’s Success Leads to New Industry-Focused Divisions

September 14, 2022
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New technology drives expansion, job growth, and celebration of positive global impact on the environment and sustainability.

Fresh off the patent filing for its new geospatial technology to remotely locate lithium, ASTERRA announced today that their rapid expansion drove the creation of focused divisions for water and EarthWorks technologies.

“There is much to celebrate as ASTERRA begins a new chapter. What began as an idea, became a proven success as the Recover leak detection service. ASTERRA technology has saved over 215,000 million gallons of potable water worldwide, and EarthWorks is the next success story. Now, ASTERRA has found lithium underground, which is accomplished using data science and without harming the environment and we are discovering that this is only the beginning,” stated Elly Perets, chief executive officer of ASTERRA.

ASTERRA created specialized divisions to channel expertise in ways that accelerate industry integration. These channels include the water division, the EarthWorks division, and the office of the chief technology officer (CTO). The specialized divisions will allow ASTERRA to allocate their efforts and resources to support the business, its partners, and the greater industries they serve.

“We are just beginning to apply our technology in the many vertical markets. Through data science, we are expanding machine learning and using our algorithms to apply ASTERRA technology to locate more critically needed resources and drive greater sustainability worldwide,” Perets also shared.

The organizational changes come with the announcement that Gadi Kovarsky (formerly Director of Sales in North America) will become General Manager of the ASTERRA water division. Kovarsky will continue his work in the North American headquarters located in San Diego, California. Integral to this division’s growth, Kovarsky stands out as a guiding force in driving the success of the water leak detection technology.

ASTERRA’s water division will focus on using ASTERRA leak detection technology and associated products (Recover and MasterPlan) to solve the challenges faced in water and wastewater. The water division manages accounts and provides customer services and support worldwide.

ASTERRA announced promotions to facilitate the new organizational arrangement, including Jonathan Jacobi to VP Sales (Rest of World), Kevin Weeks to Director of Customer Success, and Ori Fisher to Director of Operations. ASTERRA will be adding the new role of Director of Sales (Americas) soon.

Since ASTERRA is growing rapidly, expanding its team and customer base, the company required additional collaborative and office spaces, ASTERRA expanded to new headquarters in Kfar Saba, near Tel Aviv, Israel, and in San Diego, California. Innovative technology ideation, research, and development will occur at the Kfar Saba headquarters, the location of the office of the CTO, Lauren Guy.

ASTERRA will celebrate this growth of focused divisions and new beginnings on September 21, 2022, at their headquarters in Kfar Saba. The event will gather their team, investors, and board members to reflect on and honor the work on its many successful projects in over 60 countries, which have reduced nearly 135,000 metric tons of carbon emissions worldwide.



Tel Aviv, September 15, 2022



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