ASTERRA EarthWorks Brings Safety To The Mining Industry

February 6, 2023
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ASTERRA EarthWorks solution shows positive results in monitoring tailings dam performance and safety. PolSAR-based technology brings swift ROI and safety to the mining industry.

San Diego, February 6, 2023 – Following positive results from its monitoring service, ASTERRA announced that its EarthWorks solution was successfully used as a tailings dam monitoring tool by a leading mining company in the Scandinavian region of Europe. Their goal is to create an accident-free and healthy operation that is characterized by safety and well-being, and therefore are constantly implementing new technologies and innovations to ensure sustainable work environments.

“Forward-thinking companies are always looking for technologies that can improve performance and safety. We are thrilled the EarthWorks solution, which in this case was used for tailings dams monitoring, was adopted in Europe,” stated Eddy Segal, vice president for sales and business development at ASTERRA.

This use of ASTERRA’s EarthWorks solution supports the United Nations Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management, reduces the negative environmental impact caused by mining, and has a positive climate influence. ASTERRA is well known in the Earth observation industry for its contribution to the environment and this is another example of how companies can use ASTERRA’s solutions to protect nature and people’s lives.

EarthWorks is a solution that provides efficient and improved satellite-based surveillance of critical infrastructure. It is used to monitor the area near large installations, seeing through pavement and treetops, uninhibited by light and weather conditions. The technology yields data revealing the actual underground soil moisture that increases the risk of failure or catastrophe. Numerous industries are now served by EarthWorks, including dams, levees, roads, rail, mining, and property. Costs are greatly reduced with ongoing monitoring of the underground soil moisture.

“Using Earth observation satellites to inspect critical assets will improve staff safety as more work gets done off-site. In this specific case, subsurface moisture mapping can alert maintainers to a dam’s internal erosion a long time before any signs appear on the surface,” Segal added.


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