ASTERRA continues EarthWorks growth in 2023 with Uniper Energy

November 8, 2023
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European energy supplier to use ASTERRA EarthWorks solution for dams monitoring


London, UK, November 8, 2023 – With safety and the environment top of mind throughout the world, ASTERRA announced a new contract supporting Uniper Energy with their EarthWorks solution. This satellite-based infrastructure monitoring solution is a preventive measure to mitigate risk and manage critical assets worldwide.

“ASTERRA is thrilled that Uniper Energy selected EarthWorks as a tool to monitor and assess the performance of their critical infrastructures. This tool will help them keep the very high safety standards and safety margins that they want to have,” said Elly Perets, chief executive officer of ASTERRA. “Preventable infrastructure failures take human life, destroy the environment, and are costly to rebuild. The fact that Uniper Energy is choosing new and scalable technology shows they put safety and the environment first.”

ASTERRA’s award-winning EarthWorks solution is the first satellite-based, failure prevention technology capable of monitoring underground soil moisture over immense areas, including large dams, quickly, easily, and continually. EarthWorks was used by National Highways to provide infrastructure asset management insights for roads in the United Kingdom, and for this project was acknowledgement with a ground Engineering Award nomination. The EarthWorks solution also recently received an innovation award by Perumin, a mining industry organization.

EarthWorks deploys synthetic aperture radar (SAR) from orbiting satellites. Using the L-band on the electromagnetic spectrum, it penetrates the ground to about 3 meters, where it will see moisture in the soil that can indicate seepage from a dam, levee, or other infrastructure, allowing preventive action to be taken.

EarthWorks has numerous features that protect communities from major infrastructure failures. The alert and alarm features provide a progressive notification system for soil moisture concerns. Alerts serve as early warnings, bringing the customer’s attention to a grid where there appears to be a higher level of moisture within a specific soil moisture band. Alarms signify more severe situations, requiring immediate attention from customers to address potential risks.




ASTERRA (formerly Utilis) provides geospatial data-driven platform solutions for water utilities, government agencies, and the greater infrastructure industry in the areas of roads, rails, dams, and mines. ASTERRA services use Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolSAR) data from satellites and use artificial intelligence (AI) to turn this data into large-scale decision support tools. The company’s proprietary algorithms, and highly educated scientists and engineers are the keys to their mission, to become humanity’s eyes on the Earth. Since 2017, ASTERRA solutions have been used in over 64 countries to over 600 customers, verifying over 100,000 leaks, saving over 368 billion gallons of potable water, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 235,520 metric tons, and saving 920,000 MWH of energy, all in support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. ASTERRA is headquartered in Israel with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. Their innovative data solutions are used in multiple verticals around the globe. For more information on ASTERRA and to learn more about their technology, visit




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