ASTERRA announces EarthWorks integration with SkyFi

July 6, 2023
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New partnership makes satellite insights for infrastructure monitoring accessible and affordable across multiple markets

San Diego, July 6, 2023 – ASTERRA announced a new partnership with SkyFi for the integration of ASTERRA EarthWorks into the SkyFi app. This new integration makes satellite technology for infrastructure monitoring accessible and affordable across multiple markets.

“We are thrilled to partner with SkyFi to bring SAR imagery and EarthWorks across markets, making it accessible to a broad range of companies, regardless of size,” said Elly Perets, chief executive officer of ASTERRA. “This overcomes a major hurdle to attaining environmental sustainability goals, and puts the intelligence needed to take action right on the phone in the hands of the user.”

A startup out of Austin, Texas, SkyFi empowers users to command a satellite’s camera with just a few taps on a phone or computer. From the app interface, users can choose any place on Earth and SkyFi delivers a high-resolution image of that place, which can be purchased and used without restriction. Now with the ASTERRA integration, companies can add soil moisture mapping and see points of interest immediately.

EarthWorks monitors ground infrastructure, such as roadways, rail, dams, levees, mines, and commercial properties for underground soil moisture so immediate and long-term problems can be found before damage and safety issues occur. EarthWorks enables assessment of soil moisture across vast areas and up to 10 feet below the surface of the Earth. It pierces asphalt, concrete, treetops, and works in all light and weather conditions. Frequent monitoring detects changes and trends over time.

“Our partnership with ASTERRA aligns perfectly with our commitment to make it easy to access and use Earth observation data. By expanding the services available through SkyFi, we are able to offer our customers a fully integrated solution for monitoring infrastructure, providing greater value,” said Luke Fischer, Co-Founder and CEO of SkyFi.

The ASTERRA integration into SkyFi is expected to be live in Q3 2023.


ASTERRA (formerly Utilis) provides geospatial data-driven platform solutions for water utilities, government agencies, and the greater infrastructure industry in the areas of roads, rails, dams, and mines. ASTERRA services use Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolSAR) data from satellites and turn this data into large-scale decision support tools. The company’s proprietary algorithms and highly educated scientists and engineers are the keys to their mission, to become humanity’s eyes on the Earth. ASTERRA is investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to bring its solutions to the next level. Since 2017, ASTERRA solutions have been used in over 64 countries, saving over 315,288 million gallons of potable water, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 201,784 metric tons, and saving 788,219 MWH of energy, all in support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. ASTERRA is headquartered in Israel with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. Their innovative data solutions are used in multiple verticals around the globe. For more information on ASTERRA and to learn more about their technology, visit

About SkyFi

SkyFi is making it easier than ever for consumers and businesses around the world to access Earth Observation data and analytics that power answers. Through its ever-growing network of satellites and aerial platforms, SkyFi’s goal is to make Earth observation data more accessible to everyone, everywhere, and enable them to use it to solve real problems on Earth. SkyFi has built a consumer-friendly web and mobile app that makes it easy for anyone to purchase Existing Images or task a satellite to purchase a New Image, and they are integrating analytics capabilities to unlock critical insights from this data.


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