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Supporting Global Sustainability

ASTERRA products contribute to three of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 6, 9, 13. ASTERRA believes that sustainability is not only part of our business strategy but it also guides our mission. With technological innovation, we are able to help public and private sectors overcome major water challenges.

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6. Clean water and sanitation

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9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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13. Climate Action

Enter the number of leaks you intend to find and repair in 1 year:

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Calculations are done for impact over 12 months. Values used for leak volume are from AWWA M36 manual, representing the typical water lost from a service main over 12 months. Values for electricity and CO2 vary based on volume of water estimated saved, the power usage, and fuel source. The electricity and CO2 values used in this calculator were taken from the California Energy Commission report CEC-500-2021-036 for Duarte, CA USA.