Earth Observation That Sees Below the Surface

Actionable AI-driven insights from beneath the surface of the Earth

ASTERRA provides a number of industries with intelligence and insights from beneath the surface of their largest installations. Without breaking ground, ASTERRA uses patented algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect leaks, assess pipes,  and locate moisture near major installations.


ASTERRA Supports Sustainable Development

ASTERRA EarthWorks, MasterPlan, and Recover are effective solutions our customers can use to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN has established 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.” ASTERRA actively contributes to the following goals:

Recover reduces real water loss by locating leaks in potable water systems. In sewer systems, Recover detects leaks to prevent wastewater from fouling the environment, including aquifers.
MasterPlan and EarthWorks are groundbreaking innovations that support resilient infrastructure. MasterPlan assesses the integrity of underground potable and wastewater infrastructure with unprecedented efficiency to prioritize replacement plans and avoid catastrophic failure. EarthWorks is equally efficient in detecting excess soil moisture that can threaten critical infrastructure such as dams, levees, roads, railways, and mining operations. The soil moisture maps it provides show managers where failure is a possibility so longer-term resilience can be built in.
Recover contributes to more efficient water resource management within cities, ensuring a more reliable and sustainable water supply. MasterPlan enables utilities to assess and manage their pipeline networks proactively, ensuring that cities have robust infrastructure in place to meet the demands of growing urban populations. EarthWorks helps cities and communities located in regions prone to landslides and geological hazards or near mining facilities or dams and levees. By providing early warning and risk assessment based on underground soil moisture data, EarthWorks contributes to ensuring the safety of local populations.
Recover reduces the amount of potable water lost to leaks as droughts and heatwaves intensify. It also combats climate change by reducing the amount of energy used and CO2 emitted to process water that replaces what’s lost. EarthWorks’ data on moisture-related vulnerabilities in aging dams and levees can be used to strengthen and prevent failure as extreme rain and flooding become more common.
Sustainable Development

A True Technological First

ASTERRA is the first technology capable of monitoring soil characteristics such as underground moisture over immense areas quickly, easily, continually. This is our expertise:

PolSAR Data

PolSAR, or polarimetric synthetic aperture radar, carried on a wavelength that can provide subsurface data on soil characteristics.


We gather data from low Earth orbit satellite systems. We revisit the same regions every few days or weeks as needed to monitor vast expanses.

AI-Driven Insights

A series of patented image & signal processing algorithms and AI models translate the raw data into visualizations of the location and concentration of soil phenomena.

Your Complete ASTERRA Platform

EO Discover is the repository for all insights from your ASTERRA projects. Find leak locations, crew activities and repair progress, savings on water, money, energy, and CO2 emissions, and other key data conveniently centralized on EO Discover.

See EO Discover
EO Discover Screen

Eyes for Industry, Government, Humanity

ASTERRA geospatial technology has global implications for industry, safety, sustainability, and the environment.
Learn which ASTERRA solutions best serve your needs.


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